1 Lodge Chief

Chief Executive Officer of the Lodge and youth representative to the Council Camping Committee 

Be familiar with the OA and BSA policies pertaining to Lodge Officers 

Be familiar with Robert's Rules of Order. 

Consult with the Lodge Adviser in advance of each LEG meeting. 

Prepare and distribute the agenda for the monthly LEG meeting in advance to all Lodge Officers and Advisers 

Make sure that all Lodge Officers are prepared for the LEG meeting. 

Coordinate and schedule guests, lecturers or experts as needed. 

Distribute the calendar of the Lodge Executive Committee meetings (LEC) 

Direct the training of the incoming Lodge officers (upon the expiration of his term of office). 

Serves as immediate Past Lodge Chief for the program year following the expiration of his term and is a voting 

Member of the LEC until age 21. 

Responsible for monthly input to the Vice-Chief of Communications for inclusion in the Lodge newsletter. 

Serves as Chairman at all Lodge functions. 

Ensures the timely design, approval and production of Lodge event patches. 

Chairs all Lodge Executive Committee meetings and all Lodge meetings. 

Corresponds at least monthly with Adviser. 

Appoints lodge committee chairman as needed (Vigil nominating committee, election committee, special committees).