6 Secretary

Fifth in line of succession when the Lodge Chief cannot be present

Be familiar with the OA and BSA policies pertaining to Lodge Officers

Be familiar with Robert's Rules of Order.

Accurately maintain the Lodge's membership database.

Responsible for keeping up with membership information forms at all events/activities and submitting them to them appropriate Adviser in a timely manner.

Responsible for OA Registration at all outside events.

Make sure membership cards are issued in a timely fashion (immediately or within two weeks after paying dues).

Maintain accurate records regarding members who complete Ordeal, Brotherhood and Vigil Honor.

Distribute and track each chapter's progress in the Honor Chapter/Chapter of the Year program.

Record minutes at all lodge-level OA meetings and publish those minutes to the lodge within two weeks.

Publish miscellaneous forms (e.g. Annual Registration, Event Forms. etc.)

Attend all lodge functions

Attend monthly Lodge Executive Committee meetings

Corresponds at least monthly with Adviser

Responsible for registration at all activities (registration table).

Keep records of candidates elected to each Chapter

Work with Chapters to follow up on their inactive members.