4 Vice Chief of Ceremonies

Third in line of succession when the Lodge Chief cannot be present

Be familiar with the OA and BSA policies pertaining to Lodge Officers

Be familiar with Robert's Rules of Order.

Corresponds at least monthly with Adviser

Assign necessary ceremonial sites at the LEG meeting prior to each event.

Responsible for knowing and coordinating ceremonial sites for each ceremony team

Responsible for knowing which ceremonial teams will be at each function and which ceremonies each team will be performing (cub scouts, call out, pre-ordeal, ordeal, brotherhood, vigil)

Hold a ceremonial team competition in the Spring in order to send team(s) to the Section Conclave.

Hold a dance competition (as appropriate) to send individual and / or group participants to the Section Conclave

Responsible for the Lodge's Dance and Drum Team.

Collect and read all letters from Brotherhood candidates.

Responsible for administration of the Brotherhood experience and keeping records of all participants.

Hold tryouts for Brotherhood ceremonial team