5 Vice Chief of Communications

Fourth in line of succession when the Lodge Chief cannot be present

Prepare and publish the Lodge Planbook

Update Lodge Constitution and By-Laws.

Be familiar with OA and BSA policies pertaining to Lodge Officers

Be familiar with Robert's Rules of Order.

Gather and write articles for and serve as the publisher for the Lodge's newsletter (Beaver Tracks).

Gather and write articles for the Council's newsletter (The Scouter On-Line Newsletter).

Gather and write articles for the Section's newsletter.

Encourage publications with the chapters.

Responsible for taking pictures and / or video at events, as well as interviewing people

Attend all Lodge functions.

Attend monthly Lodge Executive Committee meetings.

Corresponds at least monthly with Adviser.

Responsible for the maintenance and publication of the "Where to Go Camping" guide (hard copy and on-line).

Responsible for management of Lodge Web Site.

Responsible for compilation and mailing of Lodge Newsletter

Responsible for gathering Camp Promotion material for Vice Chief of Activities to then distribute.