2 Vice Chief of Service

First in the line of succession when the Lodge Chief cannot be present.

Be familiar with the OA and BSA policies pertaining to Lodge Officers

Be familiar with Robert's Rules of Order.

Corresponds at least monthly with Adviser.

Schedule training for "How to Hold a Unit OA Election"

Schedule training for Elangomats for the Ordeal weekends.

Responsible for Knowledge and Training sessions at Lodge events/activities

Responsible for the lodge's Knowledge and Training session (s) at the Section Conclave.

Responsible for input to the Vice-Chief of Communications for inclusion in the Lodge newsletter.

Attends all Lodge Functions.

Attends all Lodge Executive Committee meetings and Lodge meetings.

Plan and supervises all Ordeal work projects at all Lodge Ordeal weekends.

Responsible for OA participation in Spook-O-Ree.

Responsible for OA participation in Pow Wow.

Responsible for training and coordination of "Troop OA Representative" program.

Responsible for all lodge training.